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BRAM-COR S.p.A. main activities focus on design, manufacturing, commissioning, startup and post-sales service of water treatment equipment, processing systems, filling systems and plants for the international pharmaceutical market.

Considering the high impact of these systems on the quality of pharmaceutical products, every employee and director of the Company is required to fully understand and respect BRAM-COR established rules and approval procedures for the job management.




The Quality Assurance System and any other code of conduct adopted by BRAM-COR are applied to the whole organization and its primary and supporting processes, including the outsourced processes. It is the policy of our company to: 

· Comply with all regulations and laws governing every Bram-Cor activity

· Promote correct and appropriate business relations

· Promote health, safety & environment awareness

· Hold all employees accountable for their individual responsibility, ensuring appropriate training

· Assess all process-related risk

· Apply corrective actions to promote continuous improvement.