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All Pharmaceutical Facilities need to be up-dated, competitive and efficient, to diversify production programs, to reduce life-cycle costs and, above all, to comply with the appropriate pharmaceutical GMP regulation.

BRAM-COR project drivers are aimed at satisfying the latest pharmaceutical requirements, aligning the final product to the international pharmacopoeias and capitalizing upon a careful, customer-oriented project management.

Equipment and process flow are designed to avoid mix-ups of components, drug products, capping and labelling and overcoming in-process risks and cross contamination; this is achieved through the development of:

  • Conceptual Design describing the general project organization 
  • Detailed Engineering Plansconsidering all process flows (raw materials, finished products, personnel, waste, etc.) and detailed project specifications 



The majority of our business concerns long-term clients. A close partnership with our Customer is therefore the core of our work etiquette. The direct contact with the End User ensures full commitment to long term relationships.