Pharmaceutical Heat Cool Exchangers


A heat/cool exchanger is due to heat up, cool down or keep process water temperature to the desired values, by heat or cool transfer between  fluid media. BRAM-COR Double Tube Sheet Heat Exchangers Mod. DTS are designed to maximize the efficency, while minimizing resistance to fluid flow through the exchanger thus increasing the performance.



Tube diameters, thickness, length and number of tubes are calculated to withstand the main parameters in accordance to space and performance requirements. In pharmaceutical processes, BRAM-COR sanitary DTS Heat Exchangers are typically used for high pressure application, for hot water sanitization or sterilization of loops, tanks, for water cooling/heating on user points. All product contact surfaces are built in AISI 316 L stainless steel, internally mirror polished, Ra 0,4 μm or electropolished.



The BRAM-COR DTS Exchangers are insulated and clad with 304 SS satin finished. Tube ends are flaired to fit in the tube sheet. All materials are fully traceable. Non-destructive tests are carried out by skilled personnel to ensure compliance to cGMP, ASME and PED Pressure Equipment Directive. DTS may be embedded in the equipment (ex. in SMPT distiller) or on self-standing skids and fitted with sanitary valves, pumps, steam traps, temperature transmitters, electronically controlled and supervised by our SCADA systems.