Ancillary Systems for Formulation and Preparation Lines

Pharmaceutical processing - filtration group

According to specific product requirements (viscosity, temperature, oxygen sensitivity, aseptic issues etc.), BRAM-COR integrates his formulation plants with state-of-the-art:

  • TRANSFER PANELS – to transfer process fluids through multiple process lines
  • TRIBLENDERS -  for air-free homogeneous mixing of liquids and solids
  • SOLUTION TRANSFER CIRCUITS – through sanitary pipelines, pumps, fittings
  • LAMINAR FLOW CABINETS - ensuring aseptic operation in the working area
  • FILTRATION GROUPS – including sanitary cartridge filters in stainless steel housings, pressure gauges, temperature probes, steam traps and membrane valves
  • DEVOTED SCADA SYSTEMS – for  control of automatic sequences (i.e. . startup, filling, mixing, heating-cooling, transfer, sterilization etc.)
  • LOADING PLATFORMS – for safe and easy loading operation
  • AUTOMATIC BALANCES – for dispensing rooms.

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