• Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Processing systems - Mobile mixers and dissolutor vessels

Pharmaceutical Processing Systems

BRAM-COR designs, produces and installs entire formulation and preparation plants, starting from specific product characteristics and clients’ requests (URS). Both the preparation, cleaning and sterilisation of the contact parts of tanks and plants, which represent recurrent problems in the pharmaceutical sector, constitute a peculiar prerogative of each project we commit to. 

Customized and personalized solutions for particular disinfection and sterilization requests can be entirely satisfied by BRAM-COR production systems, which ensure excellent costs-performance in each equipment utilised in aseptic processes, such as:


Mixing Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Bioreactors

  • Mixing Vessels
  • Pressure Tanks / Pressure Vessels
  • Reactor Vessels
  • Customized Formulation Tanks
  • Mobile Mixing Vessels
  • Transfer Tanks

Cip/Sip Systems

  • Customized Clean in Place Stations
  • Mobile Clean in Place Stations

Ancillary Systems For Formulation Lines

  • Triblenders
  • Filtration Groups
  • Solution Transfer Circuits through Nitrogen Or Sanitary Pumps
  • Vessels Loading Platforms
  • Laminar Air Flow Cabinets

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Ancillary Systems for Formulation and Preparation Lines

According to specific product requirements (viscosity, temperature, oxygen sensitivity, aseptic issues etc.), BRAM-COR integrates his formulation plants
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CIP/SIP Cleaning Systems

The CIP/ SIP cleaning systems are designed to fully meet cGMPs requirements in cleaning and sterilizing practices commonly applied in pharmaceutical process lines.
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DISS Formulation - Preparation Tanks

Range of preparation lines suitable for any pharmaceutical formulation: reactor vessels, pressure vessels, pressure tanks, mobile mixing vessels, customized formulation and transfer tanks.
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