ASSE Connectors and Plugs Assembling

ASSE is a unique equipment developed by BRAM-COR for a full automated assembly of connectors and plugs for intravenous, intrarenal or blood bags. The equipment consists in multistation assembling transfer with rotary table and feeding groups through vibrators, with a capacity of about 1000-5000 connectors per hour. Suitable for Pharmaceutical Industries to reduce production costs by in-sourcing PLUGS manufacturing.   

The machine has a TIG welded 304 stainless steel frame, covered by stainless steel plate. Its rotary table, in anodised aluminium alloy, is driven by a motor controlled by an inverter.

All the mechanical parts in contact with the connectors and the components to be assembled are made in stainless steel wherever possible, otherwise in aluminium alloy treated with niploy, or in plastic material suitable for the pharmaceutical sector.

The pneumatic components are supplied by primary companies and the cylinders and electro-valves are according to ISO dimensions.

The machine is controlled by a last generation PLC through a HMI. Through the operator panel it is possible to drive all the controls, to change the parameters, to evidence the alarms.

The machine is equipped with a complete side protection covering handling areas. The covers have safety electric connections.