• Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical Processing systems - Mobile mixers and dissolutor vessels

Pharmaceutical Filling and Packaging Lines

BRAM-COR’s pharmaceutical filling plants for bags or bottles can be configured automatically, semi-automatically or manually, depending on the requests specified by the client. The production range, for different capacities of bags or bottles in plastic/glass, is extremely broad and it is capable of fulfilling the most diversified industrial necessities, beginning from a minimum volume of 10 ml to volumes of significant sizes. The process plants are inherently included within the strict and high BRAM-COR quality standards. They are undoubtedly distinguished and praised for their user friendliness related to conduction and functioning, for their reduced costs of maintenance and their long-term durability.   

Bottling lines are completed through different procedures: cleaning machines, capping, crimping, labelling and conveyor belts. The range is as follows:

  • Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic Filling Machines for BAGS
  • BAGS making machines
  • FORM-FILL-SEAL equipment for PP BAGS
  • Visual Inspection lines for BAGS   
  • Machines for assembling Plugs and Connectors for BAGS
  • Filling Machines for BOTTLES
  • Washing, Stoppering, Capping Machines for BOTTLES
  • Complete integrated lines including CIP /SIP skids 

For complete pharmaceutical systems and turnkey project, see also: pharmaceutical-turnkey.com

ASSE Connectors and Plugs Assembling

ASSE is a unique equipment developed by BRAM-COR for a full automated assembly of connectors and plugs for intravenous, intrarenal or blood bags.
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BFIL Linear Filling Machine for Bags

BRAM-COR manufactures bags linear filling equipment. BFIL according to cGMP regulations. The equipment is completely validable with all parts in contact with the fluids in AISI 316L
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FFIL Linear Filling Machine for Bottles

The FFIL -linear filling machine for bottles- represents an evolution, combining reliability and low maintenance costs.
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NTOS-NTE-TARO Pharmaceutical Conveyor & Turntable

BRAM-COR belt conveyors are designed to satisfy any requirement in the handling of pharmaceutical containers.
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POP Form-Fill-Seal Machine for Polypropylene Bags

BRAM-COR PVC-free machines POP2 (bags with PIPES) or POP1 (bags with connectors) are designed to produce I.V. solution bags, from 50 ml up to 5000 ml, ...
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SBM Stretch-Blow-Molding Machine for Bottles

BRAM-COR SBM machine is an automatic equipment suitable to produce pharmaceutical grade bottles in PP starting from preforms, through a Stretch-Blow-Molding Process.
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VIS Bags Inspection Lines

Particulate matter in parenteral solutions can be detected through BRAM-COR VIS Inspection systems with black/white background for human inspection.
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Washing, Capping & Stoppering Systems

As a functional completion to our bottles filling lines, the Capping Machines of BRAM-COR ensure a full-automated sealing operation.
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