CIP/SIP Cleaning Systems

BRAM-COR Cleaning in Place (CIP) / Sterilizing in Place (SIP) systems are designed to fully meet cGMPs requirements in cleaning and sterilizing practices commonly applied in pharmaceutical process lines.

Bram-Cor Clean-In-Place systems   

C.I.P./S.I.P. Systems are supplied as fixed STATIONS or as MOBILE SKIDS, with manual, semiautomatic or automatic configuration.

C.I.P. systems can be equipped with different utilities for heating:


Each equipment is designed (in single or multitank configuration) to achieve the most  effective and easily validable cleaning systems, starting from:

  •           Type and size of equipment to wash
  •           Required type of water and chemical agent
  •           Pharmaceutical product to remove
  •           Cleaning nozzles type
  •           Washing sequence, automation level

In CIP/SIP automatic stations, CIP critical parameters integrate, are:

  •           Contact time of solution
  •           CIP supply temperature
  •           CIP return temperature
  •           Chemical conductivity for wash solutions
  •           pH control
  •           Final rinse resistivity
  •           CIP solution flow rate
  •           Supply pressure
  •           Tanks levels

can be constantly monitored by the PLC and managed with cost-savings criteria. CIP/SIP System SW can be customized with different washing cycles.

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