PRTW Water Pretreatment System

Each BRAM-COR’s PRTW system for water pre-treatment is uniquely designed on the base of in-depth evaluations of feed water quality, a process which begins from analysing local water services. 

Pharmaceutical water pretreatment systems


Feed water is pre-treated to remove contaminants (e.g. particles, calcium % minerals, magnesium, heavy metals, organic materials and bacteria) through a process composed by different phases:  

  •     UV lamps
  •     Ozone
  •     Microfiltration
  •     Ultrafiltration
  •     Multimedia filters
  •     Automatic duplex softeners
  •     Industrial reverse osmosis


Dosage stations for chemical elements, useful for numerous purposes such as water disinfections and chloride neutralisation, can be added.

The quality of pre-treated water is constantly monitored to guarantee pharmaceutical suitability required to feed downhill water treatment plants, which use systems such as reversed osmosis or distillers. To design plants, BRAM-COR performs accurate simulations, beginning from data from feed water, and projects high quality water retreatment plants. BRAM-COR’s efficient strategy to control microbiomes, a process which is carried out to avoid the formation of biofilm and the contamination by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is based on the design of hot-water versions.