SBM Stretch-Blow-Molding Machine for Bottles

The BRAM-COR SBM machine is an automatic equipment suitable to produce pharmaceutical grade bottles in POLYPROPYLENE (PP) starting from preforms, through a Stretch-Blow-Molding Process, derived from a tight control of the irradiation and thermal transfer of the preforms.

BRAM-COR integrates the SBM machine, through belt conveyors and buffer systems, with Washing / Filling / Stoppering / Capping / Labelling  machines, installing therefore full automatic lines with proper Laminar Air Flow protection. Machines for injection molding of preforms and hangers with due molds can also be supplied to complete the line.

The PP is a Medical Grade raw material suited to the Medical and Hospital Field, according to the European Pharmacopoeia. Starting from preforms duly designed by BRAM-COR to fit the market needs, our SBM lines reach capacities from 1500 to max 12000 bph and volumes from min. 50 to max. 1000 ml.

 Bram-Cor SBM Machine and FFIL Lines

 The SBM bottles offer extraordinary features of:

  • Total transparency (possibility of inspection with automatic visual inspection systems)
  • Good moisture barrier
  • Perfect resistance to sterilization in autoclave (121°C)
  • Good oxygen barrier
  • Light weight
  • Possibility of traditional rubber capping (low cost connector), or of PP stopper
  • No waste of raw material
  • Cheapest possible cost per unit if compared to BAGS or BFS (blow fill seal) bottles