NTOS-NTE-TARO Pharmaceutical Conveyor & Turntable

Pharmaceutical conveyors


BRAM-COR customized belt conveyors are designed to satisfy any requirement in the handling of pharmaceutical containers throughout the drug packaging process. Feedlines and output lines to and from production equipments can be specifically dimensioned for different container tipologies, such as glass bottles, PP bottles, small and large volume BAGS.

Suitable materials, sanitary and safety concerns are the baseline for the design of our belt conveyors:

  • First-class, easy-to-clean product handling components
  • Sanitary belts
  • Stainless steel frames
  • Adjustable frame support components
  • Sheltered moving parts
  • Smooth product flow
  • Critical path controls.

Conveyor lines can be fitted with our stainless steel turning tables Mod. TARO, in order to suit different machines and uniform the flow of containers.