LOOP Distribution System


Bram-Cor WFI & PW loop in water room

BRAM-COR integrates its PW-WFI-PS Generation equipment with state-of-the-art distribution loops. Our Loop design is the result of a careful evaluation of Points of Use delivery criteria such as:

  •     Maximum istantaneous flow rate
  •     Pressure & temperature requirements
  •     Sanitization issues
  •     Periodic consumption requirements and duration
  •     Method of delivery (automatic or manual) 


The loop construction and installation is carried out by qualified welders following BRAM-COR sanitary piping procedures, according to ASME BPE standards. All pipelines are passivated and  inspected, according to ASME acceptance criteria,  to check

  •     Quality of welds
  •     Effective passivation
  •     Hydrostatic tightness
  •     Full drainability
  •     Absence of dead-legs
  •     Fluid dynamics

A thoroughful loop documentation, including isometric drawings, welding reports, boroscopy records, passivation certificate and test reports is provided to complete the supply.