FFIL Linear Filling Machine for Bottles


Bram-Cor FFIL Linear Filling Machine for Bottle

The FFIL pharmaceutical linear filling machine for bottles by BRAM-COR represents an evolution in the systems of filling for pharmaceutical rigid vessels, combining

  • Maximum reliability
  • High precision in metering
  • Low maintenance costs

The process has been designed in order to offer the maximum functional easiness:

  • The bottles are fed through a special sanitary belt
  • A mechanical system provides for the correct positioning of each bottle under the filling system
  • Special slides lower the filling nozzles to the vessel mouth
  • The nozzles have a special design avoiding the production of foam even at high filling speed
  • The mass flow-meters provide for the metering of the solution better than a ± 1% precision, allowing a perfect sterilization in place through pure steam
  • The slides raise and the separators get up in order to let the vessels feed.


The FFIL filling machine in standard version is designed for bottles from 50 upto 1000 ml with capacities upto 12.000 bph.