DISS Formulation - Preparation Tanks

Bram-Cor offers a complete range of preparation lines suitable for any pharmaceutical formulation:

  •     BIOREACTORS (reactor vessels, pressure vessels)
  •     MIXING TANKS (pressure tanks, mobile mixing vessels)
  •     CUSTOMIZED FORMULATION TANKS (for high purity water mixing with powders)

The accurate finishing and the high quality of the materials used in the construction of all our equipment ensure aseptic drug manufacturing, in accordance with international cGMP and pharmacopoeias.

Bram-Cor DISS - Pharmaceutical processing mixer - dissolutor


All vessels are all in AISI 316L  stainless steel, internally mirror polished, thermally insulated and clad in satin finish stainless steel.

The design strictly follows PED standard. ASME "U" stamp certification is available for Pressure tanks.

The capacities range from 50 up to 25.000 litres. Safe platforms and staircases are provided to ease use and ispection issues of large plants.


Each tank or reactor can be fitted with any strumentation / control /management system for quality and quantity control and automated with a SCADA system.

Our range of products can also been integrated by all necessary devices for cleaning and sterilising the manufacturing line, such as stationary or mobile C.I.P. units.

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