BFIL Linear Filling Machine for Bags

Bram-Cor Pharmaceutical filling


BRAM-COR manufactures bags linear filling equipment Mod. BFIL according to CGMP regulations. The equipment is completely validable with all parts in contact with the fluids in AISI 316L mirror polished stainless steel and with PLC controlled electronics. On request it is possible to modify the software and thus the operation of the machine according to specific requirements, including vacuum extraction, gas or sterile air injection, etc. Three different ranges of equipment are available:

  • BFIL T: Manual Bags Filler
  • BFIL S: Semiautomatic Bags Filler
  • BFIL A: Automatic Bags Filling & Capping machine

One of the most important innovations of the BFIL filling equipment is the hydraulic circuit: since it is completely linear and steady, the cleaning and sterilization processes are simplified, ensuring a perfect sterilization of the equipment. A special drop grill to collect any droplet or leakage of solution is installed on each model. Each BFIL equipment can be integrated with a devoted  CIP/SIP station. The dosage precision varies according to the adopted flowmeter is better than 1% and can reach higher precisions like 0,1% on demand.  The volume of the bag can range from 50 up to 5000 ml.

The capping process of the BFIL S and BFIL A models is automatic and avoids the uncomfortable operation of manually inserting the plugs into the filling pipe. The feeding of the plugs can be both manual or automatic, through vibrators, the capacity of which depends on the kind of plug used.

A wide range of optional extras, such as dedicated sterile laminar air flow hoods, integrated conveyor belts, ink jet printers are available for all BFIL models. Each BFIL station only requires one operator.

Up to 4 different BFIL A stations can be integrated in one line, reaching an overall capacity of around 6000 bags/h of 500 ml.


Bram-Cor BFIL - Bags filling machine